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I fell in love with art at a young age. At an even younger age my father had me learning computers. Naturally a link between the two developed and lead her to University of Wisconsin - Stout in 2007. Diving into the world of being a graphic designer in firms since 2009 and freelance since 2010 there has always been room to grow and learn each year as technology and marketing evolve. Today, my goal is to provide clients all around with top designs, marketing advice, and customer service. 8 Create was founded in 2015 after seeing a need for the little guy in business, the startup. So many companies open and fail within their first year. Whether they are excellent or not. 

It's my goal to be there for every startup. From branding concepts and logo design to website launch and marketing afterwards. The goal is to levy the burden that some small business owners have to do alone in their first year. Leave it to Jacquelyn and focus only on the profit.

I'm a one-woman show providing to a multitude of clients around the world - what can I do for you?